A wet and windy weekend

Good evening! And a very warm welcome to any new readers. I hope you’ll like it over here in my corner of the internet.

Well, the weather has been wet and windy here at Penny Wise Towers. So a weekend of pottering around was in order. 

My long term readers will know that I bought a house in December and we are slowly but surely putting our mark on it. The thing with making a home is that it takes time and money. Both of which we are not flush in! It was pay day on Friday so we made a plan for some things we’d like to do/get in the month of February. This cupboard unit was one of them and a rug for the hallway. Luca the Cocker Spaniel approves! While we were in Homebase we saw a bargain Bonsai tree that needed rescuing. He is going to live on our new cupboard. We put up a few pictures, these are on the wall in the hallway. I love these  images of the bandstand, pier and promenade of my home town. 

Mr Penny Wise went and collected a kitchen while I worked, this is currently in pieces in a spare room! We have had some ideas for what we want to do to our kitchen and we have had 1 quote so far. We’re going to get 2 more quotes and go from there. One big thing we did this weekend was make a plan for the month of February. This involves making notes and deciding where our money needs to go and what the plans are for the month. For example, we have got a couple of birthdays, we’re away next weekend and we want to save for the building work we’d like done. I made a set of purses a while ago that go inside a bigger purse that has our food shopping money in for the month. Each purse is a week. We have been a little lax of late with trying to reduce our shopping spends but we’re back on it now. Each purse has £50 in this month, making a total of £200. We also did a meal plan for the week and a shopping list. We tried Aldi for the first time today and our shop came in at £31.39!

I cooked lunches for the week, this is Chinese 5 spice mince (recipe coming soon!) with sweet potato, broccoli and cauliflower. Just take and go!

I also made a bolognese (recipe to come soon!)  and made enough for tonight and tomorrow night. I LOVE not having to cook on a Monday night! We had it with pasta, salad and butternut squash noodles.

Now for getting ready for work tomorrow, a bit of reading and then bed.

What have you been up to this weekend? What was the weather like where you are?

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