Brighton Marathon Race Recap

It all started by collecting my race number at the exhibition. Eeeek! I was about to run another marathon!

Saturday night’s dinner was home made pizza (recipe to come soon) with roasted broccoli and garlic bread- made with the pizza dough. Yum yum yum! imageI got all the bits and pieces prepped for the race and then had an early night at 9pm.imageI was a little bleary eyed when the alarm went off at 5.40am on Sunday morning. Not a reasonable hour of the day! Had my regular race breakfast of porridge with blueberries and protein powder. I had the banana and black coffee when I was in Brighton.imageWe drove over with our lovely friend Mikey. He is a crazy runner! He just recently completed a 50 mile race and is currently training for a 100 mile race. Big up the Mikey! (Me, Mr Penny-Wise and Mikey)imageIt was so busy at Preston Park!

imageimageimageimageObligatory selfies as we’re waiting to start!

We got to high-five Zoe Ball as we crossed the start line too!

image(Photo courtesy of the lovely Kylie)

Marathon completed in 5hrs and 11mins. Very happy but very sore at this point! I found the last couple of miles I just had nothing left in my legs and although I was running, it really was plodding by then.image

My very delicious and very naughty post-marathon dinner of a chippy tea with mushy peas. Lush!


“So what’s next?” I hear you cry! Well, I have got another marathon coming up in a little under 6 weeks time, Kent Road Runner. Going to rest, stretch and be a yoga bunny this week before I get back to running next week. If anyone has any tips for running marathons close together I would love to hear them!

Have you run a marathon before? Would you ever run a marathon? 

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2 thoughts on “Brighton Marathon Race Recap

  1. Messi Albert says:

    Thank you for your recap!! Congrats again!! When I think of you, this is what I see … Behind your smile is a strong woman with a passion for running and you prove to each and every one of us how experiencing the journey is just as important as a crossing the finish line even if that means not reaching a goal!

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