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(a) Product reviews address the product on various different levels depending upon the nature of the product(product, value, ease of use, taste, nutritional value and packaging) and then gives an overall view of whether the author likes it or would recommend it as a purchase.

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This policy is subject to change at any time.

programme terms and conditions

The Penny Wise, Life Rich Programmes are not designed as get-rich-quick schemes. They are have been created to help you design a manageable way to budget and understand your personal finances from a non-professional perspective.

I am not a qualified professional financial advisor and I don’t sell financial products or receive any commission or payment from third parties. I do not provide personal investment advice and I am not a qualified licensed investment advisor accountant or tax advisor. Any information from the Company, found on the website or on affiliated communications (e.g. social media, email newsletters) should not be construed as personal investment or professional financial advice. Conduct your own research or consult a licensed financial advisor, accountant or broker before making any and all investment decisions. Any decisions made on the basis of any information found on this site are committed at your own risk, financial or otherwise.

We are committed to providing all Programme participants with a positive Programme experience. The Company may, at its sole discretion, terminate the Agreement without prior notice, and limit, suspend, or terminate your participation in the Programme without refund or forgiveness of monthly payments if you become disruptive or difficult to work with, if you fail to follow the Programme guidelines, or if you impair the participation of Programme instructors or other participants in the Programme.

Your membership fee for participating in the Programme (the “Total Programme Commitment”) is listed in the Agreement. By completing the Application and signing the forms, you authorise the Company to charge your credit card or debit card, or cash your cheque, as applicable, as payment for your membership in the Programme, if the Company approves your Application. Once you are accepted into the Programme, you are responsible for full payment of the membership fee for the entire agreed course of the Programme, regardless of whether you actually attend or complete the Programme, and regardless of whether you have selected a lump sum or monthly payment plan. No refunds will be issued or monthly payments forgiven, and all payments must be made on a timely basis. A £25 charge will be assessed on all monthly payments not made when due. and for each subsequent month that the payment is late. This fee will be assessed separately on each late payment. So two late payments will result in a £50 charge per month, for each month the payments are late. You will also be responsible for all costs of collection, including solicitor’s fees and court costs, in the case that the Programme fees cannot be collected by the Company.

Client is responsible for full Cost for the entire Programme, regardless of whether Client completes the Programme. To further clarify, no refunds will be issued.

Expectations for Clients:

  • The Client agrees to be on time to all appointments. If you will be late, notify Company in advance. If you will miss an appointment, notify Company at least 24 hours in advance. Appointments missed without 24 hours notice will only be rescheduled at Company’s sole discretion.
  • The Client agrees to make available as soon as is reasonably possible to the Company all materials required to complete the Programme.

This Programme is 3 months long and begins on (“Term”). Client understands that a relationship with Company does not exist between the Parties after the conclusion of the Term. If the Parties desire to continue their relationship, a separate agreement will be entered into. Where the Client wishes to terminate the agreement, a minimum of 1 month notice is required.

We respect your privacy and insist that you respect the privacy of any and all other Programme participants. You agree not to violate the privacy rights of any Programme participant. You also agree not to divulge the confidential and proprietary information, ideas, plans, strategies, and trade secrets (collectively, “Confidential Information”) of fellow Programme participants and of the Company.

You agree: (1) not to infringe any Programme participant’s or the Company’s copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property rights; (2) that any Confidential Information shared by Programme participants or any representative of the Company is confidential and proprietary to its owner; (3) not to disclose such information to any other person or entity, or use it in any manner other than in discussion with other Programme participants during relevant Programme sessions; (4) that all materials and information provided to you by the Company in any form, including written, oral, by Internet, or computer / digital media, are its confidential and proprietary intellectual property, belong solely and exclusively to the Company, and may only be used by you as authorised by the Company; and (5) the reproduction, distribution and sale of Confidential Information and/or these materials by anyone but the Company is strictly prohibited. Further, you agree that, if you violate, or display any likelihood of violating, any of your agreements contained in this paragraph, the Company and/or other Programme participant(s) will be entitled to injunctive and other relief to prohibit any such violations and/or to protect against the harm of such violations.

Client shall not make any false, disparaging, or derogatory statement in public or private regarding Company, its employees, or agents. Company shall not make any false, disparaging, or derogatory statements in public or private regarding Client and its relationship with Company.

Client agrees to be mindful of his/her own well-being during the Programme and seek medical treatment (including, but not limited to psychotherapy), if needed. Company does not provide medical, therapy, or psychotherapy services. Company is not responsible for any decisions made by Client as a result of the coaching and/or any consequences thereof.

We have made every effort to accurately represent the Programme and its potential. Testimonials and examples of results by other participants in the Programme can be verified, but are not intended to represent or guarantee that you or anyone else will achieve the same or similar results. Each participant’s success depends on many factors, including his or her background, experience, dedication, desire, and motivation. You acknowledge that as with any business or investment endeavour, there is an inherent risk of loss of money, and the Company makes no representation, warranty, or assurance that you will earn any money or achieve particular results as a result of your participation in the Programme. You also acknowledge that you have represented to the Company that payment of your Programme membership fees will not place a significant financial burden on you or your family.

You agree that the Company will not be bound by any oral statements of any person purporting to act on the Company’s behalf, unless those statements are put into writing and signed by an authorised Company representative. The Programme instructors are not qualified to provide legal, tax, accounting or financial advice, and the information provided to you by the Programme instructors is not intended as such. You should refer all legal, tax, accounting, and financially related inquiries to appropriately qualified professionals of your choosing.

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom. You consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the County Court local to the Company in the event of any disputes. In the event you breach this Agreement, the Company shall be entitled, in addition to all other remedies, to recover its solicitor’s fees and court costs. This is a legally binding contract. By signing below, you are acknowledging that you have read, agree to and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, and that you intend for the Company to rely upon this acknowledgement.

In the event that any cause beyond the reasonable control of either Party, including without limitation acts of God, war, curtailment or interruption of transportation facilities, threats or acts of terrorism, labour strike or civil disturbance, or other matter such as disease or community health risk, make it inadvisable, illegal, or impossible, either because of unreasonable increased costs or risk of injury, for either Party to perform its obligations under this Agreement, and the affected Party, on a timely basis, notifies the other Party of the matter preventing its performance and the probable length of delay, the affected Party’s performance shall be extended without liability for the period of delay or inability to perform due to such occurrence.