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Happy Thursday!

Today’s post is about that all-important fuelling of a long run. Get it wrong and there is danger of bonking!  I have become a creature of habit when fuelling for a long run. I know what works for me and do exactly the same for each one.

I start the morning with porridge. I try to eat it about an hour before I am going to go for my run. I have porridge made with coconut or rice milk cooked with blueberries. I then stir in a scoop of vegan protein powder and top with chopped banana. I also have a black coffee with it. This is the only time I really have caffeine as it gives me the jitters normally! 

During the run I use Clif Shot Bloks and any brand of sports drink. I normally drink half a bottle before I set off. My normal routine for the Shot Bloks is first one at 30 minutes and then 1 every 30 minutes thereafter.

This week I ran 20 miles as part of my training for Brighton Marathon. This particular training run is always my least favourite. It takes up so much time both in the running and the prep beforehand and the recovery after. It can also sometimes be a bit of a slog. I would always advise though to make sure you get a 20 mile training run in. I have found that it has always prepared me well mentally as I know that if I can run 20 miles then I can do 26.2 miles. The last 10k of a marathon is pure adrenaline, grit and determination, and you just get there somehow!


My 20 mile training run went quite well this week. I decided to run a 5 mile loop 4 times, each time picking up a drink at the car. I had envisaged it taking me 4 hours so I was pleasantly surprised when the run actually took me 3 hours and 40 minutes, as you can see from my Garmin. I was also pleased as I managed to keep to mostly below 11 minute miles. Not fast by some people’s standards but speedy by mine! Especially over nearly 4 hours. I have been pleasantly surprised with my feelings following the run as well, no real aches or niggles so feel good physically and mentally.

Not long now! A week on Sunday until I run my third marathon. I had to quickly delete the email I received from them today telling me about signing up for next year’s marathon!!

I hope you’ve had a good day.

What exercise do you like to do? I’d love to hear all about it!

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2 thoughts on “Fuelling for a long run

  1. Juliana says:

    I also have porridge + 1 banana about 1 hour before every run – not only on race days. Actually, on race days I have a bit more of porridge than I usually do because I have it around 2 hours before the race, since I need to get to the place and all that jazz. I take a banana with me and eat it 30-40 mins before the race starts. After that, all I have is water throughout the race, hehe!

    I really like the idea of mixing it with blueberries with the porridge! I have to give that a try.

    Well done on the marathon training! I’m not there yet; I have only run half marathons. Maybe one day I’ll get there 🙂

    • Cat @ Penny Wise, Life Rich says:

      Bananas and porridge are such fab fuel! Blueberries are great with porridge, one of my favourite additions.

      I am sure that if you want to complete a marathon you will!

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