2016 Reflections

Wow, what a year 2016 was!

Reflections are a funny thing really, as it’s not until we really go into detail that we truly remember what we have actually experienced and achieved. I had originally thought just about these few things and this was my original first line…

It was the year that we finally got debt free, the year we saved up our house deposit, the year we bought our dream house and the year I set up my blog!

And although, yes, those are big things I thought to myself that there must be more. What else did I achieve, what else did I experience? I started trawling back through photos on my phone and my Instagram account and lo and behold, a tonne of memories came flooding back. It was lovely as it was a lot of, “Oh yeeeeeeaaah!” and “OH that was so cool!”

So here we go (in no particular order), 2016 was the year I…

Bought my beautiful house.

Got debt free.

Celebrated my first wedding anniversary.

Read 9 books and was halfway through reading 3 more. My best record for reading books in a long time. I am aiming for 15 books in 2017.

I attended a fabulous event in London called HayHouse Ignite and it was here that started a huge journey of self development for me. I met my idol Kris Carr. She was the reason I attended.

I then got to be inspired by lots of other wonderful people who spoke at the event. I have since gone on to work with Sandy Newbigging at a weekend event of his, not to mention reading his books on meditation. I have read #Higherselfie and worked with Jo Westwood on some coaching and attended an event run by Lucy Sheridan-Wightman on how to Live the Dream in 2017. I have read Rebecca Campbell’s books and been blown away!

I went to an event where Jacqueline Wilson was giving a talk and signing her books.

I set up my blog! I have got sooooo many fantastic things planned for 2017 and how I can help people on their journey to financial freedom.

I ran Brighton Marathon for the third time. 

I went up to London with Mr PennyWise for him to run London Marathon. He achieved his goal of running under 3 hours and I was so incredibly proud of him. Here is his mantra.

I completed a handicap race with my running club and was utterly gobsmacked to come first! My first running trophy.

I finished my first quilt and created lots more in terms of sewing projects. I really got into my stride with sewing in 2016. Here’s to 2 more being completed in 2017!

I developed and grew so much as a person in 2016 and achieved so much. I am excited to see what my 2017 reflections bring me!

What were your best bits of 2016? I’d love to hear all about them!

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